Healing on All Levels: Spiritual/ Mental/ Emotional and Physical

When healing the body, it’s hard to look at the root cause without looking at the spiritual and emotional component. What came first? the chicken or the egg. The beauty and miracle of our body is that it does not have separate parts the way western medicine divided it up. It’s all One.
When I work with clients, it’s a co creative process.
We look at everything that is happening on every level.
I use medical intuition to help get our left brain out of the way and tune into the client’s higher self to find out what kind of healing is needed. Often there are limiting belief systems under all of our difficulties and we work on clearing on those with acupuncture techniques, shamanic techniques and any herbal remedies or supplements that the body is asking for. I use a muscle testing system to find out the remedies needed at that time.This is all information that our intuitive body has available for us to access. You are your own healer and I have tools to help us get there.