Acupuncture is amazingly beneficial for pain and blockages in the flow of energy in our bodies.

“When there is no free flow, there is pain”.

This is a common quote seen in classical acupuncture text. Acupuncture has the ability to move energy and blood in the muscles and joints of our bodies. Molly generally uses the Dr. Tan method to treat pain conditions and has found the success rate to be very high. The Toyohari style (Japanese Meridian Therapy) that Molly also uses can be very helpful for pain as well. This style of needling is more gentle and does not require needle insertion. It uses movement of qi to help with excesses and deficiencies in the meridians.
Molly has also been trained in Matt Callison’s motor point theory. This style activates the muscles by activating the nerve root. This gets the same effect of “dry needling” without the pain.
Depending on the chronicity of the injury or pain, conditions can be resolved within 4-10 treatments.