Shamanic work/ Plant Spirit Healing and Five Element Acupuncture

Shamanic sangha offering:
1st Sunday of the month
We will practice journeying to live drumming with the help of our power animals and spirit guides.

My journey into this complementary medicine has allowed me to continue down some amazing paths of healing and learning and seeing the world as a spiritual place that is fully accessible to all of us.
I had the great fortune of studying with Marlow Brooks, she studied with J.R.Worsley, the godfather of Five Element Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Healing for many years.
I have appreciated adding the Five Element style into my practice… it allows me to treat acupuncture points on the spirit level compared to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which operates more on both the physical and emotional levels.Treating the spirit level allows for greater shifts in constitutional healing.
I believe that the access to the spirit level through needling and the Five Element tradition, most likely brings in the spiritual access of the medicine that existed in this oral tradition of medicine passed down from Doctor to apprentice prior to the Cultural Revolution in China.
Studying with Marlow, also lead to learning about Shamanic journeying to plant spirits and accessing them for healing.
Shamanism, also an ancient tradition in many cultures, is the ability to access a connection to the spirit world through journeying to a drumbeat and creating a state of being that allows access to the highest self and subconscious. We ARE our own healers and this tool gives us the ability, anyone can access this tool… it is a tradition that has been passed through Shamanic cultures for many generations. I continued my studies with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic studies and learned about soul retrievals, extractions and dying and beyond. I feel so fortunate! It has been a gift for my soul journey.